“Plays with Audirvāna” for Devialet Phantom

Really delighted with this initiative from Audirvana!
I (like other Phantom users) have recurring playing interruptions using Audirvana + Devialet Phantom (Phantom disconnects and I need to use - as suggested in various places on this forum - a weird workaround to reset the Phantom).
I had a long discussion with Devialet asking them to correct the problem: they failed to identify the problem on their side and even offered to replace my Phantom: I accepted but the problem is still there !
Having Audirvana and Devialet working together is a great opportunity to correct this problem. Please certify Devialet Phantom !
If you have the same problem , please support this certification request with me !

Hi Alain, I’m a Devialet Expert Pro user, and thankfully I’ve never had this problem. Hopefully this issue will be soon solved for you :smiling_face:

Hi Doug,
I’m happy to hear that Devialet Expert Pro does not show this problem, but I’m speaking about Devialet Phantom and not Expert Pro .

Sorry that I can’t offer any help.
I visited Devialet in April at their flagship store in Paris Opera. They streamed music from Spotify to the Phantoms. Most certainly they would use Qobuz with Audirvana if they had solved this issue. Apparently they are unable to do this. It is a pity.


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