“Plays With Audirvāna”

Hi guys, since the PWA program is set to be live tomorrow, I will try to answer you on the forum as much as I can since I need to handle a lot of backlog.

I have and I didn’t encounter any issue with the gapless transition between the tracks Any Colour You Like to Brain Damage for example.

Yes it will :wink:

We had a meeting with a Anthem representative at Munich during the HighEnd, we will see how it goes in the next few weeks. In the case of Topping, we have not contacted them yet.

What do you mean by that?

Merci, Antoine

Hello Antoine,
Will Plays with Audirvana apply to Devialet Phantom ?
Kind regards

We are in contact with them and things are moving on the right direction. We would really like to have them as part of our partnership program.

Will Plays work with Hegel Amps?

I had a contact with one of the representative of Hegel but I need to follow up on the status of the tests they made.

So PWA is now live?

According to the email I received, I should see a pop up?
And some manufacturer’s recommended settings (if specified) for my ifi Zen DAC V2?

@Antoine I’m not seeing anything different…

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Me niether … (iFi Zen Stream UPnP via Ethernet)

PWA is now live for everyone :smiley:

More about it here: Plāys With Audirvāna - Audirvana

Why nothing from Bricasti?


I will add them today :wink:

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That’s really cool indeed, to have some sort of official list of compatibility through partnerships, that probably means more communication in case of malfunction :slightly_smiling_face: I’m especially happy to see it’s not like an exclusive partner with one brand :relaxed:
I guess we’ll not see Yamaha though :cry:

Maybe they will be in the list at some point :wink:

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What about Lumin and Innuos?
I think both have great products and it would be nice for Audirvana to have them as partner, a win-win situation for all.



Will be “Plays with Audirvana” implemented to HiFi Rose products?


Will there be “Plays with Audirvana” implemented to CEC DA5?

We do not have a contact with Lumin but we will contact Innuos for the certification :wink:


We introduced us to their R&D and Marketing Director at Munich, hope we can do the certification for their products :wink:

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I asked Peter Lie, the Lumin Firmware Lead, but didn’t get an answer so far.


I have had a Lumin U1 Mini for 3+ years… And it has and does work great with Audirvana, Audirvana+ and Audirvana Studio… Peter Lie is a good guy to work with…