“Plays With Audirvāna”

Got the announcement in my email that various manufacturers will now have a “Plays with Audirvāna” notice on their equipment that is known to work with Audirvāna, along with information like recommended settings. Congratulations on the good news! I’m sure this is the result of many discussions and a lot of work, and I think it will benefit users of both the equipment and Audirvāna.


Interesting that Atoll, Audioquest, Bricasti, Clarus-Coda, iFi Audio, Kalista, Octavio, Wattson Audio, Weiss, CH Precision, Lyngdorf, Métronome Technologie, Soulution, Vermeer Audio will support “Plays with Audirvana”. The official start seems to be May,24 with a software update for AS.


Interesting list of collaborators, couple of them mainstream. Most I would think of as perhaps more boutique esoteric brands? Maybe that just says something about my tastes and preferences. Good to see that they are putting more emphasis on network solutions and compatibility.

Must be why Antoine has been MIA🤔

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I’m not enitrely sure that (Audioquest aside) any of these manufacturers would be classed as mainstream.

@OffRode Beat me to it my seconds mate :rofl:


Hey, that’s too funny, warped minds think alike :face_with_spiral_eyes:

@Ironz , iFi


Good things take time to develop… just shows how much respect Audirvana has with these designers…

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Absolutely. Pleased to see this initiative as it will drive manufacturers to place more emphasis on ensuring compatibility with Audirvana. Fear of missing some sales due to a lack of support of a visible programme will drive many more manufacturers to join over time.

iFi is probably the biggest seller and thus the biggest “get.”

Audioquest, Bricasti, Weiss, Lyngdorf, Soulution and CH Precision are reasonably well known to me as prestige brands. The others I’m not familiar with (yet).

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I am quite happy as I use the DAC and devices from iFi and cables from Audioquest.
All equipment together with Audirvana.

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I’ve received the e-mail as well. Even though I’m not using AS anymore, I’m happy to see that Audirvana is branching out. My subs expire next month.

“Plays with Audirvana” sounds very similar to “Roon Ready” to me. AS already worked fine in the past with my iFi, without having to change settings.I’m owning both an iFi Zen DAC V2 and an Octavio AMP.

Hi guys, so you now know everything about what we have worked on for some months now :smiley:

Note that on May 24, no update of Audirvāna Studio will be made, it will be seamless as it will be connected to our servers. Once you have selected your PWA device, it will be certified, even if you are offline.


What Audioquest devices need this? USB dongle DAC’s have been an issue?
Hopefully soon some more mainstream manufacturers will come onboard, many new streaming devices are being released currently.

Wiim Pro, NAD, Cambridge come to mind.

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Would love to see the likes of Arcam, KEF, Cyrus and Chord added to the list.


Plus one for Chord… And Lumin…

Based on my experience on the Wiim Pro (which is basically Linkplay) could be certified but having a contact with Linkplay can be really complicated since every attempt I made to try having a contact with them led to nothing, hope this will change in the future.

NAD is a different story, it’s BlueSound that is embedded in their device so unless the device is Chromecast or USB, we won’t be able to do a PWA certification on their devices.

Cambridge Audio, we are in contact with them and a few things need to be tackled by them before being able to start the PWA certification.

They are part of the brands we will contact :wink:

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@Antoine, that’s great news.
Cheers :+1:

Sounds really great!
Have you checked if 192/24 Qobuz albums (like The Dark Side 50th), upsampled in Audirvana Studio to DSD512, could be streamed as native DSD512 gapless via Ethernet UPnP to PWA gear, like ifi “NEO Stream” for example?
I’m asking, because I haven’t been able to do it on any of my UPnP renderers so far.

I will add that the computing power of my workstation is certainly sufficient and my network is certainly efficient enough and the like. Checked using natively gapless renderers and with Audirvana “Universal Gapless”.

Hi Antoine

Two questions:

  1. Will Plays With Audirvāna apply to Origin?
  2. Any news regarding Anthem and Topping?

Kind regards

Is it similar to how Origin UPnP works with Hegel or is this is something different?