Please advise how to save different settings among different USB DACs

While connect Microsoft OS Laptop with different DACs, the Audirvana can only save one DAC setting.
It is quite troublesome if different settings suit each DAC better.
Can Audirvana save different DAC settings while switch among DACs it automatically change the setting along with different DACs?
For example, Tidal desktop APP can save different setting for each DAC. And while you switching among DACs the saved setting will just change accordingly.

Any sharing will be appreciated.

Hello @alantsai, Audirvana don’t save the settings linked to a DAC, this is why you need to change manually your settings between two DACs if you need to. We had other suggestions regarding saving the settings of Audirvana between two DACs and we take it in consideration for a future update of Audirvana.


I’m also impatient to see this happening, as my settings for my headphones and home speakers are definitely not the same, and I control Audirvana through Remote, which doesn’t grant access to audio settings :slight_smile:

Thank you very for your reply. And happy to see Audirvana care about user’s feed back and needs.
In the future updates if can improve the search function will be also a good improvement . For example the searching function in the room it will share all versions of a particular search result among tidal, Qobuz all (MQA, Non MQA, Hi-Res, regular quality) at once.
The Audirvana is a great sounding software, it offers wonderful sound experience. If Can improve the user friendly Functionalists And reliable remote connectivity(especially on windows), I truly believe it will be second to none. Let’s wait Audirvana from good to great,

We can wait for the future updates. Really appreciate for your sharing let me fell I am not the only one facing this problem.