Please check your internet connection and try again

Hello, I’m sure this situation has been common so far for many users, but I can’t solve it at all.
I uninstalled Audirvana, then, after reinstalling and re-licensing, I keep getting the message “please check your internet connection and try again”, and can’t pas furture at all.

I have windows 10 and Audirvana is

@Antoine or someone, can help me?

I have the same message today. It has happened before and its probably a server issue. I am sure they will fix it soon. I am on Windows 11 Pro.

It is quite annoying to buy a product but to be conditioned by the functionality of a third component, (aka a server), independent of you, for can use it.

Just retry now.

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Thx Damien

But, hell, it looks like I have another problem now, I don’t remember when I uninstalled Audirvana yesterday, but it looks like I revoked and my license and the 24 hours have not yet expired.
How unlucky can I be?

LE: Ok, it seem that and those 24 hours passed and now everything is ok, now my Audirvana is in function

Thx for support, @Damien

Thanks Damien.

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two computers.

To install Audirvana on your computer, you can proceed as follows:

  1. install 3.5 version :

  2. unlock it by loading your license key

Dear @Antoine,

Could you please explain what is the justification of the 24 hours lead time that is inflicted to all those who want to reinitialise their system’s registration, one way or another?


Hello @Grwfsywash,

This was for security concerned about piracy. I wasn’t involved in this choice when it was made since I wasn’t in the company when it was done.

However we are working on making the process to remove their activation accessible to any user having a Audirvāna account. You will then have your license(s) key(s) and the option to remove the activation associated to it in your account when it will be ready :wink:

Thank you @Antoine, this is good news.
We can’t wait for your announcement of the new system’s implementation.

Honestly, with all my respect, but I don’t really see where the security is if I am allowed to validate my product serial only after 24 hours of the moment when the license was revoked, and what a problem it would be if I did it anytime, sooner.
What difference do those 24 hours make between security and its absence (??!!)

It’s like when after locking the door with the key, I can’t unlock it until after 24 hours (!!?)
But, why?, If I have MY door key, why to can’t enter in MY house for 24 hours, repeat, having the key in my hand?
This is zero security, only a 24 hours of lost time for nothing, and very annoyng also.

I won’t comment about the 24 hours thing, I have my thoughts on the subject but won’t share it here.

Nor should anyone, lest one breaches this forum’s acceptable language threshold…

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