Please Update the UI to match windows 11 ui!

please update the ui to much the windows 11 ui and give us the option to have customize color accents!

plus fix the ordering at artists, the Y comes after A whatever i change cant manage to fix that

Welcome in JohnnyFire,

Make it play and listen, then dream about your accent colors change :slight_smile:

When you are in Artist menu seeing all of yours,
click one to see his albums but don’t select any…
put info panel on and see the sorting if it is the same…


Audirvana always had it’s own skin/graphical design. That is a choice of Audirvana’s developer.

It looks the same on a Mac and on a PC.

Why should it all of a sudden look like Windows 11? Why can’t it have it’s own look?

About the sorting… you can sort stuff any way you want. See the post of @RunHomeSlow above.

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thank you for that i manage to fix it!

cause i dont wont the thing to have inconsistency, i like to be to matched! you said on mac and windows is the same… well its not on mac the app has round corners on windows not…well windows 11 has round corners but the app is still square on it…so yes i want percision!

silly for you… so keep it to yourself

indeed… keep on dreaming

So, basically it boils down to wanting round corners in Audirvana. Got it.

not only round corner but the option to choose our color accent too…

To rebound on JohnnyFire’s comment, I think it would be nice if all users, Mac or Windows ones, could choose the colour of their interface so as to help their specific needs for readability.

The current system only gives the choice between dark and light mode and both have their advantages and drawbacks. Some find the dark theme too difficult to read with its mix of black and purple, specifically with small characters, while the light theme can be found dazzling.

I understand three colours would have to be configured at the user’s convenience, but that would help those whose eyesight is not quite what it used to be… and maybe help prevent those with a good eyesight to become the former.


I am a bit confused, because the title of this thread is to match the UI to the Windows 11 UI. Since Audirvana has (and allways had) it’s own skin it clearly does not (and never did) match the Windows UI and it clearly also does/did not match the Mac UI. This is a designer choice, which is fine. A lot of music player programs have there own skins and do not match the standard UI’s of operating systems.

What I see now is the wish of changing some colors in the existing Audirvana UI (or maybe choosing different skins like Dark mode, light mode etc.?). That would be a nice extra ‘to have’ (and probably should go to another category ‘User interface feedback’ maybe?).

But again, it seems confusing and off topic to have this discussion in this thread, because it has nothing to do with matching the Windows 11 UI (which clearly will never happen).

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Not having any Windows based system, I feel unqualified to pass judgement on JohnnyFire’s request.
However, it seems legitimate, within the confines of this thread, to bring suggestions that may help partly satisfy JohnnyFires expectations, while hopefully bringing an enhancement to other users.


I think he just found the lowest priority update to do :grinning:


Ooooooh, Id LOVE square corners on the UI :rofl: :rofl:
However, I’d sooner Qobuz actually WORK on any of my 3 installations of Studio (2 x Win10, 1 x Mac). Also, it’d be quite nice if the pause button worked, both on the remote and also the 3 above-mentioned installations of the app itself.

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well like or not its a request, i know manny staff is broken to the app and even more needs polishing…but there is big butt i mean but damit :stuck_out_tongue:

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