Pop and Classical library management?

I listen to both classical and pop music (both broadly speaking). Pop is organized by band, while classical recordings typically are organized primarily by composer. How do you deal with such mixed libraries in Audirvana?
Currently it is a complete mess with Artists (= band) also automatically includes soloists, so there are then lots of empty soloist “artists” icons in the artist view. With those empty Artist placeholders, I have not figured out how to find the “offending” tracks so that I can correct the meta data manually. And I have not figured out how to have a soloist only in the soloist field, but not automatically added to the artists field. I try to use Artist for composer, and then pop gets listed by band, and classical by composer in artist view, which is what I want. Alternatively, I have been thinking of making two large smart lists, one with Genre = Classical, and one with Genre = anything but Classical (not sure one can do smart lists with exclusions). Anything better out there? Thanks for the wisdom.

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