"Pop" between songs in kernel streaming mode

After reading the responses since my “all clear” update two days ago I’m at a loss now as to why this problem seems to have cleared itself up for me. Nothing else has changed on my system other than the latest Windows updates and two Studio upgrades. Hopefully it won’t resurface but after reading these replies I don’t have much confidence that it won’t.

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Why is no one solving the problem?


I agree, its a very loud sound in between tracks and I have worries the possible damage it could cause to my equipment when wanting to listen to music at a high volume. I have been asking about this problem since 2020 :frowning: No one seems to take much notice

Have you tried uninstalling the ASIO drivers. I know it’s counterintuitive, but some users have reported success. It’s worth a try.

My ASIO drivers can’t be removed!
I didn’t find anything like that on my pc

Try from the device manager, select the device and see if you can uninstall the driver from there.

I don’t know which driver to look for. I don’t see anything like the ASIO driver anywhere. Not already applied in Windows 10?

I managed to solve the problem by deleting the Gustard DAC driver then I restarted the pc. When turned on, Audirvana Studio now sees a Windows 10 USB audio 2.0 driver through which Kernel Streaming goes perfectly without plots between tracks. I also increased the buffer to 2.6GB and no problems will occur. I’d better read your post because it’s been bothering me for a long time. So thank you again.

I had this noise problem when changing tracks, I simply uninstalled the asio driver from the dac and since then no more noise with kernel

I had the same problem with noise between tracks using Kernel streaming and no such problems with ASIO or WASAPI.
What fixed this for me was enabling the Software Volume Control on AS which I had turned off previously. Have the Maximum Volume Limit set to 100% so it works as before but now no noise between tracks.
I am running Windows 11 PC USB to iFi NEO iDSD DAC.

For those who have problems with the click sound at the start of playback, it will be useful to try Audirvana Audio settings >DAC Input settings >“Universal Gapless Playback Mode” option, if it is on, by switching it off.
Keeping this setting off solves my problem with the click sound. But this time I cannot play the albums without interruption.

In my DAC Input settings (AS 2.4.0 W11) there is no Universal Gapless Playback Mode option.
Is this referring to UPNP connection of DAC only? My DAC is connected directly via USB.
Was wondering if this setting would change anything to the behaviour of pausing the track in DSD mode kernel streaming…