Portable Audirvana on Android or iOs

Is there a portable Audirvana on Android or iOs?

No. There is not.
That would be a completely new app.

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And mayby in the Future?

My phone would need to be very big to do what my Mac does.

Audirvana’s audio processing parts are well optimised and it runs on Apple silicon macs with a very low processor load, so I think this could be feasible, those iPhones and iPads are real powerhouses with hardware decoding and optimisation everywhere. But the quality of Audirvana is how it’s able to bypass the conventional audio treatment of the computer, and iOS being a heavily sandboxed system, I don’t think there’s going to be an Audirvana on iOS anytime soon, its only interest would be the UI and that’s not where Audirvana shines (yet ? tap to add to queue in the remote app is the best UI feature ever, these guys have ideas !). I could be wrong though !

I think being able to use an iPad as a UI/server for music could be a dream, but I don’t see it coming, in Apple’s mind, these things go with bluetooth connected Beats, Devialet and Homepods, not really high fidelity stuff. They go for ease of use and good enough for the average listener.

As for Android devices, I have no idea.