Possible to block specific UPnP devices?

I have a music streamer/DAC that I connect to Audirvana but I have noticed my LG C8 tv also pops up in the list in Audirvana and I have also noticed that music often stops playing when I start the tv so I believe Audirvana is interrupted in some way. Is it possible to block all other upnp devices except the one I want to use in some way?

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Hi @ropplack,

If you have an Android device, do you have this behavior while you start your TV?

No android device here. LG C8 tv, Apple TV, macbook mini running Audirvana, iphone and macbook air to control by remote and Naim NDS as streamer/dac.

Not currently possible I think although maybe Antoine can help. I would also check the network settings on your LG and see if there are any adjustments you can make there. The c8 looks like it runs webOS not Android….maybe a conflict in webOS. Have a few Android TV’s in my house and don’t see this issue.

I think it would be good if Audirvana in the settings section had a page showing available network devices. Then allowed you to enable only the ones you wanted to use with Audirvana. Then only the enabled devices would show in the devices menu on the bottom right of the main player window.

For me when travelling, it’s a pain when selecting my portable DAC I see a list of all the network soundbars in the rooms of the hotel when connected to hotel WiFi.

A minor gripe but could be improved……


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