Preference Pane: Where in Windows 10 Pro

FYI, Kernel Streaming now works with my Halide Bridge SPDIF. With more perseverance and more research, I hope I can make ASIO work too.


What is wrong with this AS product? It is unstable and unpredictable. At times, it works without any problem like this morning, for 2 hrs. Then on next session, like now, it doesn’t work at all. So frustrating.

For almost an hour and a half now, I’m trying to figure out why AS wouldn’t play, plays a track for 2-5 secs and then stops. I’ve restarted AS several times, I’ve restarted the computer many times, played with the firewall settings, changed audio output devices - NONE WORKED!

Incredible how it would work at times and not work at other times. Instead of enjoying listening to music you end troubleshooting, wasting precious time (and money).