Prevent column headers and clear play queue button from scrolling

When scrolling the playlist down, the headers jump upwards, and the “clear play queue” button scrolls off-screen. What is the reason for this behaviour – why would these items ever move at all? If it’s to make more room by hiding the line with playlist statistics, would be better to have an option to display or hide that line altogether…

Can this possibly be changed so at least the Clear Play Button – essential basic functionality item – would stay in the same place in the interface regardless of anything else?

EDIT: this is happening on both PC and Mac – I use both platforms.

Yes, this is strange and not logical. Also the information of how many tracks and the remaining track play time should always stay visible on top (also in library list view. From the beginning of version 3.5 I am hope that this will be fixed. And thats a long time to wait for. More than one year.

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