Problem: Download Free Trial

I lost my installed free trial app of A Studio. I had to recover my computer after A Studio will not stop its analysis of music files.
How can I reinstall and resume the trial? Audirvana says I already have an account and will not point to a download site. Should I just create a new account - I am already using a legacy version? Thanks

try logging out in the app preferences menu, then just re-log back in and see??
or ask @Antoine or at

Thanks, RunHomeSlow. But my problem is how to get the trial .dmg again to reinstall AS.

My Mac was corrupted trying to make the trial version run. I had to recreate my HDD, but lost the .dmg. Now that my Mac is up again, I went to reregister for trial and download the installation .dmg. However, the website will not allow it because my acct. email is already registered. Yes, perhaps I should direct this to @Antoine

It’s easy. Download the DMG of from the header of the forum.

Found it! It was staring at me in the face on this page… sorry. Thanks to all.