Problem importing Playlist from another Mac

I have my main server as a headless Mac mini. The music content is backed up to a NAS.

I have created a few playlists on the Mac Mini - where I normally listen

I use a Mac Studio for testing purposes and have installed AO on it, referencing the Music content on my NAS (as it’s a Finder-readable copy).

AO works fine, but if I try to import the Playlist from the Mini (having exported it from there), it fails as it cannot reconcile the path (which is obviously different).

I tried Text Editing the .m3u playlist file and replacing the original path as created by AO on teh Mac Mini:


…with what I thought the new one to the folder on my NAS was but this appears not to work).

I replaced /Users/audio/ with:


(where Music is the folder with all content in it on the NAS).

However, AO returns an error - yes might be my incorrect file path, BUT it shows AO has changed the path to:


Is this because the AO database is on the Mac Studio?

Do I need to change the Audirvana Database File Path?

Can someone help me? Thanks!

When you done the export of the playlist, have you enabled this option?

Thank you - this may have resolved it.