Problem Installation mit Win 10 LTSB

I am still in the trial phase.
A few days ago Audirvana had worked completely. Recently, I have an error message and the audirvana window will not open anymore. Luckily, everything can still be controlled with the remote app on the Iphone. How can I get audirvana to work again?

Note Windows 10 LTSB is reduced to the essentials and therefore has no windows apps installed, and no App Store.

I have Audirvana with Qobuz App vers. 5.3.0-b005 and heard a clear difference. In my opinion, Audirvana is cleaner at violins and piano stops.

After another compare a lot to me that Audirvana uses ASIO with me. I used Wasapi Admin on Qobuz. After conversion, I heard only a small difference when the music was previously downloaded in the Q. App.

After I created a Ram disk with “Asus ROG RAM Disk” and in the Qobuz app these as a standard cache (4GB large) folder, no difference is audible. Qobuz sounds as good as Audirvana.

No more artifacts in the high pitch, black background and well staggered bass.
Qobuz can be used with Win 10 LTSB
without audible disadvantages for my setup
(Java must be installed)

If there is a solution to my problem, then I’m glad about it. Updates and the required packages were installed according to the instructions here in the forum.

Thank you for reading. Marius