Problem to find all my music

Audirvana can’t show all my music. For instance, I have a Beethoven album that has DSD 17 files but Audirvana only “sees” from track number 7 until 17. Also happens with my Smashing Pumpkins box where I have 5 CDs on it (Flac audio) but Audirvana only shows 3 of them. What’s happening?

Another example

Hello @rocamargo,

Can you do a right click on the first track of Christus Am Olberge and select Open with Audirvana?

Hi @Antoine ! Yes, when I select the first track it opens the file and plays it, but Audirvana can’t list the first 6 tracks from this album.

Can you send us one of the missing tracks at

@Antoine each file has around 850Mb in size since it’s a DSF file (DSD Music). The smaller one has 159Mb I can’t send you by email, but if you have any file transfer service I can send it through. Please, let me know how I can send it to you.

I attached a FLAC file into the email, @Antoine
Please, let me know if you received it.



It’s received, we will come back to you as soon as possible :wink:

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