problem to find my Yamaha Upnp

I need to restart Audirvana 1.3.4 over and over again before it detects in my Asio my connected Yamaha Rx-S601D amp
Same with my connected speakers Yamaha Soundcast 20.
Detection occurs in a purely random manner.
While these 2 devices are immediately detected by Jriver Media Center 24
I do not have this problem with Audirvana on my Macbook Pro either.

Would anyone have an idea to solve this problem?
Apart from that, everything works very well and the audio quality is at the rendezvous and superb.
Thanks for your help

I use a Win 10 laptop connected to a Cambridge Audio CXN via usb. I have the CA usb driver installed but the I have to plug and unplug the usb cable several times before it appears in windows/sound. I have never been able to work out why.

Might this help?

The only solution i found is to connect via Ethernet.