Problem to play a certain high res file

Hi There! I´m new here so please be nice :wink: !
I bought a new amp, Hegel H120 and to stream stuff from my PC i bought Audirvana which works perfectly. EXCEPT one file: Holst “the planets” from Reference Recordings in 176,4 kHz/24 bit WAV. It just won´t start to play. Other similar files work fine. And the file itself works when i play it with VLC and listening to it via PC Speaker. I tried everything: installing again, other folders on the PC, renewing the biblioteque on audirvana… What am i not seeing?

According to Hegel‘s spec the H190 supports 24/192 with UPNP and Coax. I haven’t seen any problems streaming HiRes WAV with Audirvana from my Mac to my Naim Uniti Nova.

There might be the following reasons for your problem:
a. A problem with that specific WAV file in Audirvana - can you play it in Audirvana on your PC speakers or a headphone, can you play other WAV files with that resolution with Audirvana on the Hegel?
b. A problem with that file on the Hegel - have you tried to connect the PC to the Hegel? Please note that the Hegel’s USB and Optical connections do not support this high bitrate, but only Coax does.
c. A network problem - can you play similar bitrates through UPNP with VLC or Audirvana - Audirvana should decode FLAC to PCM which creates the same load.

I hope that helps to find the problem.

I compared the file to another album i have which has the same rate, but is in the flac format and it works. Well at first: Track 1 and 11 of said album DON´T work and make the same problem like the whole planets album. so what now?
Both albums work when i play them with VLC on my PC speaker. NONE of the tracks play with Audirvana over my PC speaker (I guess commu nication between Audirvana and my speaker is the problem there).
My question: What is similar between track 1 of said album and album “the planets”?

If the same title plays with VLC but not with Audirvana, I would assume that something in the WAV file is wrong and VLC is less sensitive. I had the same experience with video which could be played with VLC but not with QuickTime. In that case, you can try to convert the WAV to another format like FLAC or ALAC and see if you can play it with Audirvana.