Problem: unknown artist label on many Cd

Dear all, I am testing Audirvana studio and I decided to go with 1 month subscription. It goes without saying that I am thrilled to see that the quality of my audio system has improved dramatically and for thiese reasons I want to say thank you tobthe audirvana development team! Great Job!

I have some reservations on the way the catalogue is showing the label of the Cd imported in my local library. I have a pc using win10.

Problem is that many CD in my local folder are labeled as unknown artists while the media player recognizes the same ones correctly.
Now, I have sometjing like 1000 CD to be imported and the idea to manually efit the metadat does not make me excited… Is there any fix or suggestion for this inconvenience?
Kind Regards

Hello @Ceralacca_Cunzato,

Can you send us one of the track that do not have the album artist metadata in it? You can send it to


just sent to you 1 file for your evaluation