Problem with a second installation on laptop

Good morning,
i bought Audirvana plus 3.5 for windows.

After the firts installation on a computer I had to format the hard disk for a problem.

Then i make a new installation in the same computer.

Now i want to install a second backup copy on my laptop.

I read this:

Per the EULA, it is permitted to ” make a second copy of the software for exclusive use on a laptop or personal computer of the same OS, provided that the software installed on such laptop or personal computer is not used at the same time as the software on the main computer.

To install Audirvana on your second mac, you can proceed as for the first one:

1) install the trial version;

2) unlock it by loading your same license key."

But if i try the software tells me there are too many installations but it isn’t real !

Can i do ?



I have removed all your computers from the license database. You can now activate up to two PC computers running Windows 10.

To install Audirvana on your PC, you can proceed as follows:

  1. install trial version :
  2. unlock it by loading your license key

Hope it helps.


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