Problem with control volume

Hello everyone,

I have some issue to control the volume.
I am using audirvana on an macbook pro (High sierra) with a Hegel Röst (DLNA)

When i am trying to increase the volume, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it goes at bottom… i can’t really control it.

But when i try with iTunes and airplay, everything is fine…

If someone has the solution ?


I have the same problem with my Devialet (via uPnP). If no music is playing I can control the volume as normal, but during playback Audirvana is somehow disturbing it. I’m increasing the volume, Audirvana automatically decreses the volume again. I need several tries to increase the volume. It would be better if I could deactivate any volume control via Audirvana.
Currently I can hardly use it.

Which version of Audirvana are you using?
If on Windows, can you try with the latest 3.5 beta?

Hi Damien,
I found the beta version in the meantime, this is solving the problem.

thanks and best regards,