Problem with multiple DLNA Devices

Audirvana appears to treat DLNA as a single output device.

I have two DLNA devices with very different characteristics - specifically one only supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz while the other supports up to 384 kHz. If I configure Audirvana to use one then switch to the other, these aren’t changed resulting in either reduced performance or silence.

It’s really not acceptable to have to tweak low level parameters each time I swap between the endpoints so I’m reluctantly having to stop using Audirvana.

Yes, it would be nice to have the possibility to configure output device profiles.

I have already paid attention to it (very important and useful function) but unfortunately Audirvana stuff ignored it.
May be you will be more lucky.

I realise this is not a simple bug fix and I don’t expect an immediate resolution. I suspect it will require an amount of redesign rather than just a few code changes. For the moment I’d be happy to know the support team were looking at it.