Problem with Radio in new Remote

I love the New Remote (Many Thanks Damian), however I am having problems getting the remote to display my Favourite Radio Stations, the remote only displays the Local radios, or High Quality, By Genre, By Location or By Language. Perhaps we need another Tab called Favourites. I did see my Favourites display, but I don’t know how I got them. I don’t know if this a Bug or just me being Dumb.

I am using Audirvana Studio (1.51) and Mac Big Sur.

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I have sorted out the problem. This is how you can Always get to your Radio Favourites:

1 Select any Mode (ie Radios, Podcasts, Qobuz (In my Case), Local

2 Press the Heart button at the bottom of the screen.

3 Your Favourite Radio selection appears

I hope this helps, or is it just me that is Dumb

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