Problem with reading and synchronizing ReplayGain tags

Audirvana 3.5.33 (Mac version)

The problem is both when synchronizing with the music library, and when working with the folder.

When adding a file, Audirvana “invents” the value of the ReplayGain tag. I do not see this value in any other apps.
In addition, Audirvana does not read the rest of the ReplayGain related tags.

Here is a screenshot also:

Looks like I was able to solve the problem. Apparently, the problem was due to the fact that after migrating from to, the xml-files (the library in the old format, and, possibly, some playlists) remained in the folder with the library, which somehow confused the Audirvana… After deleting these files problem is gone.

The Audirvana began to read the REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN tag correctly, but with the rest of the tags everything remained as before… I circumvented this as follows:

  • analyzing the track in Audirvana;
  • forcibly synchronizing the music library in Audirvana;
  • analyzing the track in an external program (I like the result of its work more) - the Audirvana tags are overwritten;
  • synchronizing the media library in Audirvana once again;
  • enjoying the result )

Sorry for bad English…

Did you tried to click on Recompute ReplayGain in the metadata pannel?

Yes, of course I tried. This function works, but it does not suit me.
The Audirvana algorithm calculates the levels according to the old standard, and I have to use an external program that does the calculation in accordance with ITU-R BS.1770 (EBU R128) with a reference level of -23 LUFS. This is also known as ReplayGain2 (but it uses a -18 LUFS reference).

I expected Audirvana to use existing tags.

Audirvana use R128 to determine ReplayGain for tracks and album. You are actually using using the iTunes sync with Audirvana which means we get the information from iTunes. ReplayGain can then only be calculated by iTunes.

Yes, I use synchronization with, but the main work on organizing and preparing files and playlists I do in beaTunes, which also syncs with

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