Problems creating playlists

Hi ! I am new to the community and I have some issues with the playlists. The Radiohead albums do not appear in the playlist called Albums (24-192). In the general library if they are but not in Albums (24-192), it may be that I am configuring the lists wrong. I leave some images for you to see. Use audirvana for mac (M1) 3.5.44 (3574) Thank you and I hope someone can help me.

Hello @Mauro, do you have other cue sheet that might have the same issue?

Hi ! @Damien3. Thanks for asking.
All the discs in the Radiohead folder are of the CueSheet type and the same thing happens to me with all of them.
I have several discs from other bands on cue sheet and the same thing happens to me. Both in flac and in dsd128 and the same thing happens to me.

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