Problems logging into Qobuz

I’ve used Qobuz perfectly within Audirvana for months now but suddenly I can’t login to Qobuz on the computer I’d like to control Audirvana from. I can log into Qobuz/on/Audirvana on another computer on the same network but not on the one I’ve been using to control the system most recently.

I did notice one odd thing. The window asks for the Quobuz USER EMAIL and password. It seems its accepted the email address before but now - on the other computer - the only one that works with Quobuz/Audirvana now, THERE it seems to was the username NOT the email address. I type in my username and password (not an email address) and I get in just fine. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Does it want an email address or not?

But I can’t get in on the primary computer using either my username or my email address. I even changed my email address and password and still can’t get in.

I CAN login to the website and web player of Quobuz on the primary computer just fine. But when I use the same credential to try to logon through Audrivana I get login error - please check.

I use this every night and I need it work. I’m connected to the same server through the same vpn software on both machines.

Can you check the database integrity using the File menu command Library > Optimize Database?

If it fails then you’ll want to either restore from a backup, or delete the file AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite that is located in the folder inside your user home folder: Library/Application Support/Audirvana
To easily access this user Library folder in the Finder, you can use its Go menu command “Library” that is revealed when pressing the option/alt key.