Problems with a large buffer

I would like to know if I have a weak NUC or it is a bug in the AS.
When setting a larger buffer, the second track in hi-res qobuz will always skip to the next after about 30 seconds. Then it skips every other song.
When the low buffer is set to 400 mb, everything is fine!
Some songs sometimes skip anyway, especially if they are longer than 6 minutes!
Also a question for Antoine, where can an error occur? I think it will be a problem for many.

I don’t know how it’s possible but in version 1.7.2 the skip stopped.
One can only hope that between the songs is the micro passage from another song. There is nothing I can do to remove this. But he still doesn’t do it, but rather after a few songs.
Is it possible that it can be removed yet?

Does anyone know anything to advise? This is quite frustrating between the tracks! It does this even if I lower the buffer, but not always after the third track and always after the next.
He only does this in Kernel Streaming which is a unique music experience for me. I am not interested in other than WASAPI or ASIO.
I’m asking someone to solve that plop but what will it actually do between the songs.

I had this problem for a while but for me it was always the second track and no more after that. It seems ok with 1.7.2 but I encountered other random drop outs. Increasing the buffer solved that. I am now using approx 3000. I do have serious drop outs with radios though which is being investigated by the team.

I have version 1.7.2 in Windows 10 and increasing the buffer then only makes it more frequent. Now I have 0.8gb. He also doesn’t do less well.
I don’t know if anyone else is solving or solving it. I wrote this to the Audirvan team a few months ago and nothing is happening.

What kind of pc do you have? Won’t it be that I only have an Intel Pentium J 5005 in my PC in my NUC? Isn’t a minimum of Core i5 required for proper Kernel Streaming functionality?
I have 8GB of RAM

Mine is an HP laptop running windows 10. I have i5 processor and 8gb ram. The faults occur with kernel streaming and also wasapi. I also have 3.5 which has no such problems (but, of course, no radio stations.) Internet speed is about 70Mbps wired connection to the laptop and usb connection to the dac (Cambridge audio cxn v2 or OPPO 205) Earlier versions of Studio did not have the problem but did sometimes skip from a few seconds of track 2 to next track. The problem is also heard on the laptop internal speakers but does not occur streaming using the Cambridge CXN as a streamer and not just a dac. Radios work fine there too.