Problems with Audirvana

Hi All

Wondering if I can get some help with the new Audirvana, as the customer service isn’t great.

I used the previous Audirvana fine - sure it crashed regularly and never quite working perfectly but it was usable without too much annoyance. Since upgrading, I have more issues appearing.

I use it through my MAcbook (wireless), with music stored on QNAP NAS, and played through a Cambridge Audio 851N (cabled)

  1. On the previous version, opening Audirvana would wake my NAS drive. On the new version, I have manually wake it on my Macbook by opening a folder on it for Audrivana to find it. Is there any fix?

  2. On the previous version, it would autoscan my NAS folders when I added new albums to it, on this new version it has to be done manually. Any fix?

  3. Still the usual bugs from the first version, having to press play twice to get it to start a song, finishing a song early, and randomly just shutting down etc.

thanks in advance for any help!

Turns out the forum is as bad as the customer service for trying to get help…

Hello wired,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m here to help you and resolve your issue.
Could you please send me in private message your debug info (Settings/General/Debug Info)? That would be very helpful to solve your issue.

Kind regards,
Audirvana Support Team