Problems with audivarna playback

I am having issues with audivarna playing my tracks, what’s happening is when i have my tracks to be played and while they are playing, audivarna will skip the track after the one playing and the next track that supposed to work play shows up and does not play and will skip that track and play the track , so what its doung is skipping over every other track and playing that one, this happens everytime i use audivarna, i am using the windows version of audivarna, also how can i get my artists on audivarna from my connected qobuz account to be put in alphabetical order?, and everytime there is a update for audivarna that supposed to fix bug issues, the updates actually cause more different buggy issues , this issue only happens with qobuz connected account, my connected tidal account is fine and plays exactly as it should, non the issues described happens with tidal, only qobuz

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