Problems with metadata


Hopefully this screen grab shows my problem with metadata. Its not isolated I have a number of examples. I’ve just ripped this Supertramp album using XLD (iTunes is not running), and you can see the track listing starts at No. 2 and the final two tracks are duplicated, the audio files are correct and play, and the filenames for each audio track are correct, its just the metadata to each track with in the an album that is incorrect.

Any ideas? As I say this is not isolated I have a number new albums that I’ve ripped with XLD performing in this way. Hopefully the link to the image will work.

Here’s the link:

remove the .cue file from that folder and resync…

i had trouble before like that with cue files… when the tracks are already separated, i don’t keep the .cue :slight_smile:

A+ really sucks on handling .cue .
If you got a lot of seperated audio files, just remove the .cue and resync.
If you got a single large audio file described by .cue, edit it with any text editor.
Find the very first PERFORMER row, insert "REM " before this row or delete this row, and save.
After resync (or press “-” then press “+” to add it back), it should be OK.

Thank you ALL. That sorted it, very much appreciated.

I have submitted a number of times to the forum nominating problems with missing tracks in the library and have never had a reply on how to fix this problem.

I have asked repeatedly for the option to load music files direct from the computer drive where the music is stored in lieu of using the library.

I have tried different trial versions a number of times and have always had library problems so have not purchased A+.

I can not load another trial version to see if removing XLD .cue files fixes the problem as my previous trial version of several months ago appears to prevent me loading a new trial version of A+.

It would seem to me that you would not want to load .cue file info twice if there is metadata in the FLACs. Indeed, when there are .cue files present, it seems to not only create duplicates, but also load the .cue file’s data twice instead of the .cue file data once and the metadata once.

Better to include options such as 1) ignore .cue files completely, 2) .cue file data supplements missing metadata.

Also where is the option to rescan a folder or folders, without having to remove the whole root folder and re-add?

And why on earth won’t it sort by artist then album then disc # then track #, even when I specify that in view options?