Problems with the repeat track option

Hi, i would like you to help me with this problem.

I’m using audirvana with dragonfly cobalt, but when I play mqa files and I want to repeat the track, the duration of the track increases, and it increases more if I keep giving more clicks to the repeat track option, and the same thing happens with the random button. And when the track increases in duration the song is cut off abruptly, and the next track starts a few seconds after its own duration.

Sorry for the bad grammar, english is not my native language.


Hello @sanz_27,

Which version of audirvana are you using while you have this issue? You can write in your native language and we will do the translation.

Hola Damien3, de acuerdo escribiré en mi idioma a partir de ahora.

La versión de Audirvana que uso es la

Hello @sanz_27,

Can you make a video of the issue you have so we can try to reproduce it on our side?

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