Problems with Tidal on miniMac

Hi! I have a problem with Tidal. Qobuz working fine, but on Tidal I getting message: Unable to play!?

check if the music is playing in the official tidal application

Hi @Voxxx70,

Can you send us a copy of the “Debug Info” when you have this issue? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>My account

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Sorry for this stupid post :frowning: I found the problem. It account is not exist, and on the other account everything works fine.

Tell me one thing. I have miniMac. Is it neccesarry to change some settings in my midi options in OS or something in Audirvana settings about streaming?

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You do not have anything to change in your midi setup, it’s the purpose of Audirvāna, being plug an play :wink: