Problems with upsampling feature

Some dacs (Amanero based, in my case the T+A dac8 dsd) are considered to perform better when receiving dsd data stream, dsd256 or even dsd512. With the option “upsampling to DSD” being activated the upsampling process is done during round about the first quarter of the track and the result is written to ram. While the process is done the cpu load is at round about 60% (nuc8 i7 quad core) and the fan is turning up and getting noisy which interferes with the beautiful sound of the music. After the process is done the cpu load is at 1-2%

I managed to prevent the fan turning up by decreasing memory allocated for tracks pre-load, but then I get time errors: A track has not ended, when the next track is already started. Gapless playback is not possible. So this workaround is not really useful.

Will there be a solution to that?

Merry Christmas to everybody. Windows edition of Audirvana has passed “Christmas test”: My family likes the christmas playlists in Tidal (more than the playlists in spotify), upnp streaming/multiroom is working fine…

I just wanted to renew my question: Is it possible to avoid high cpu load during upsampling process?

Upsampling to DSD256 or even DSD512 is a very intensive CPU task (it is upsampling to 11.2, or 22.5MHz !).

Yes, you can. I do it by setting Processor Affinity .

I use 3 of the 4 cpu cores for Audirvana. that does the trick for me

I suppose one other possibility is to move the A+ computer out of the listening room and use a streamer. I don’t know how computer-savvy you are, but you can make your own streamer out of a mini-computer running Linux and upmpdcli.

You’d then use the A+ remote app to control A+.