Program Groups Music files from One CD onto two CDs

The program sometimes groups all the files from one or more CDs, with only some music files from another CD, combining them as one music CD.

One combined CD could show all music tracks for CD 01, CD 02, CD 03 but could only show the first 6 of the 15 tracks on CD 04.

Another combined CD could show the missing 9 tracks from CD 04 and then all music tracks for CD 05, CD 06, CD 07.

I have no issue with having a large number of CD music tracks from more than one CD shown as one combined CD, as long as they are complete CDs.

Is it possible to copy and permanently move the split CD’s music files from one combined CD to the other combined CD, to group the separated music files onto only one of the combined CD?

Hello @jjthorn,

can you take a look at the track in those albums? they may have differences in the metadata.

I have amended the Meta data and re formatted the effected original Flac files with XLD and the multiple CDs on one CD has not occurred.

I have also implemented the “Automatically split file with embedded cue sheet” option in XLD’s Batch Folder to prevent duplicate cue and flac files of the same track.

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