Progress Bar Not Moving

I am having this issue for quite some time: when a new track starts, the progress bar in the Mini Player does not move, ist remains at 0 sec play time. The track, however, plays perfectly normal, I just can’t see the elapsed time. When I tell Mini Player to jump to the next track, it will display elapsed time, but when AS progresses to the next track, the progress bar remains stuck again at 0 seconds.

AS runs on a Mac Mini 2018, AS Remote on an iPad Mini. Mac Mini streams to a Raspberry Pi 4 running GentooPlayer set to UPnP via gmediarender.

Any help is appreciated as it is an annoying bug.

PS Ijust realised that the progress bar also doesn’t move on my Mac Mini, so it seems to be a problem of AS running on the Mac rather than an issue with AS Remote.

Something with your setup mine is working properly. 2018 mini, iPad Pro no pie of any flavor usb to Oppo205
Interesting :thinking:

Your on Mac OS 12.1 and Studio 1.9 ?

Switched to MacBook Pro UPNP to Oppo205 still working. Better let Antoine know about that

The thing that I notice is the clocks are different between Studio mini player on computer and the iPad mini player. One counts down and the other shows total track time.

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With many software players, if you click on the time, it changes from total to countdown and vice versa.

It seems to me that the Gentooplayer should report back to Audirvana how far it is playing the buffered track. That this is where a conflict arises. The statuses are not correctly transmitted or received.

Or a completely different problem. :wink: Does another renderer work normally?

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Yes, I am on Monterey 12.1 and Studio 1.9.

I’ll contact Antoine. I might also just do a clean new installation of AS.

I’ll keep you informed.

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Good idea! I’ll check another renderer (RopieeeXL) to see if the problem persists. I’ll report back.

Thanks for chiming in!


It certainly does change, glad it’s not an aircraft instrument

Ok they sync up well, thank you

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Can you post the Debug info of when you play music and the status bar stays at 0?

I quickly checked RopieeeXL. It looks as if the progress bar works perfectly fine, at least with the few albums/tracks I checked. Will test more thoroughly tomorrow.

You suspected perfectly well that GentooPlayer doesn’t properly communicate with AS. I need to contact the developer to have it fixed (if this is possible).

Thanks for your input, gentlemen!

Br, Paul


Just tried GentooPlayer again, this time with the renderers Mpd/UpMpdCli and this seems (so far) to work perfectly fine, the progress bar really shows the time elapsed for the track. Just for your information.

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