Progress bar not updated

This is a recurrent problem and although it does not prevent a track from being played it’s a bit annoying.
On several tracks, I noticed that the progress bar does not move: time counter stays at 0 and no bar appears.
I also noticed (on the remote) that sometimes the progress bar while not appearing completely is permanently being refreshed, which provokes blinking.

Typical UPnP bug, known for years, unfortunately not fixed as it seems to be up to the receiver’s manufacturer. Same for your other problem here : AS stops playing after the end of track
I suppose your UPnP receiver isn’t part of the Plāys with Audirvāna series, am I right ?

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Thanks Yohmi,
Thing is that the very same problem happens with at least 3 different UPnP players. So if the problem is on the player side, that will be difficult to solve it…
On top of that, I’m still experiencing a bug with the streamer from TotalDac that makes impossible to play tracks when their size exceeds some values (Those values depend on the format itself as the problem seems to originate from a timing issue between AS and the player).
I suspect that UPnP is a not-well-formed protocol or at least the implementations are not fully verified.
I’ll check if the receivers I use are part of the “Plays with Audirvana” series.

It’s confirmed: none of my receivers are listed in the “Plays with Audirvana” series.

If it helps, my receiver is “Plays with Audirvana” certified and I still see the progress bar not updating properly.