ProLevel VU Meter (Katsura) with Audirvana/DAC via BlackHole

Hi. I just bought the ProLevel VU meter app and the site claims that it can be used to monitor any output on the Mac via BlackHole. Despite my best efforts, I cannot get it to work with my Audirvana 3.5. When I try to use multi-output or aggregate with Audirvana, I get the following error: “The sound device is already hogged by another application((null), pid = 0). Unable to start playing”. Exclusive access is not selected in Audirvana. Anyone successfully set up the same or similar configuration as me via BlackHole? I’m using a Mac Mini M1. Thanks for any help you can give me.

I tried an aggregate output, doesn’t seem to work with Audirvana.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll keep trying to find a solution and will let you know if I find one.

With Audirvana 3.5 I was not able to get aggregate output working. It worked with studio. So you might consider a trial with origin or studio.

Thanks, I will give them a try.