Protect playlists and playlist folders

I would like to suggest that when one clicks on the trash at the right of the navigator a warning and request to confirm the deletion be included. I losy a number of big playlist folders inadvertently and had to paste into the audirvana aplication support an older version from time machine. Losing the new playlists done in the last three weeks was a lesser evil, but it is dangerous how close that trash can is, especially with long playlist names.

You are completely correct, I’ve done that also. Did you send that to ? We should let them know about this

+1. Very good suggestion. I would also like to add that in the Local\library settings a confirmation dialog would be nice with the trashcan also.

The refresh button and the trashcan are very close together and it happened to me once that I wanted to refresh, but ‘miss clicked’. Luckily I had a recent database backup. But a warning (‘Are you sure?’) would also be very nice in this case :grinning:

I agree with what other users have written. I have sent it to support.