Ps audio directstream dac jr

Any advice on useing audervana with the DSJ

How do you plan on setting it up? Usb or Ethernet? Might be helpful if you could describe your audio system a bit further. I have not used this DAC but it looks really promising. I would just hook her up and run stock settings to begin with. Take some screenshots of default settings before you start tweaking it.

Best luck with your new setup :+1:t2:

You can do both ,that is ethernet and usb ,ethernet through the bridge 2 which does mqa
And usb from p.c.running audervana ,id like to play mqa from usb but dsj updamples all music to dsd×20 ,

Hey come on you guys lets gets some answers going here,now just let me say if you think your stuck up just look out your window at that telephone pole lmao

Pass me a tie strap, nice and tidy I say

Sorry off road i replied but it didn’t go through, hey have you noticed tracks disapearing in audervana, ive just found that several albums now only have the first track

It’s probably metadata related issue. You can search for the files using the directory browser method.

If you can, go with USB. There have been UPnP issues reported with PS Audio bridge.

Ok thanks

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