Purchased song on iTunes not synching with Audirvana

Hi Damien,

Happy New Year.

I noticed a Christmas song that I had purchased in iTunes over 10 plus years which plays fine in iTunes does not synch or migrate over to Audirvana after several attempts using the second method for synching in Audirvana. I have also deleted and re-downloaded said song on the iTunes side and tried the re-synch on Audirvana with no positive results.

Tommy R.

is your Xmas song a “.m4p” ? In that case that means the song is DRM protected, so Audirvana can’t read it. Got the same problem with some early iTunes purchased songs. Here’s the way I found to fix it :
rip your song using, i/e, Audio Hijack or Piezo, save it in .m4a.

Hey Clo66,

You are correct, the old Christmas Song is a “m4p”. Glad I was not going crazy and thank you for jumping in on this! I feel better already. I assume these guys are safe, Audio Hijack and Piezo? Which one do you prefer in terms of quality sound and ease of use? I am glad I logged this issue in, learned something which I did not expect.

Thanks again,
Tommy R.

Hello Tommy R,
so sorry for this late answer. Have a look at https://www.rogueamoeba.com/
You’ll find inquiries about Audio Hijack & Piezo. I found Audio Hijack more powerfull
and Piezo cheaper and easier to use. Depends what are your needs.

Sorry again for the delay

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