Qobuz 3 month trial not valid in the US

I tried to redeem the voucher in Audirvana 3.51 to get a three month trial and it said that the trial was not available in my country. You should probably remove the offer in countries where it is not valid.

Hello @macjohnmcc, this offer from Qobuz is not valid in the US as stated in our website: https://audirvana.com/hi-res-streaming-services/

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That’s great but the audirvana app should not show the offer if possible to determine you are somewhere the offer is not available.

Hello Damien. I have trial version of Audirvana and i have start, 10 day ago, my trial month of Qobuz service. Question: in the moment i purchase Audirvana LIcense, at the end of trial, is for me possible other 2 months of Quboz service ? I’m Italian user. Many thanks in advanced, have a good journey ! Corrado. Italy. :wave:

Of course, that’s the whole point of 3 months free trial of Qobuz.

Hello @CorradoS, The TIDAL/Qobuz 3 months free trial voucher is meant for trying TIDAL/QObuz by creating a new account. It is not valid for existing accounts.

To use your TIDAL/Qobuz voucher, you go to the Streaming page of Audirvana preferences.
There you click on the “Get it” button. This retrieves your voucher.
Next step is to create your new TIDAL/Qobuz account.
For this, click on the “Go to Sign Up page” button. This opens the special sign up page on TIDAL/Qobuz website, which says the account will be created with a 90 days free trial period.
Be sure to not be logged on TIDAL/Qobuz with a previous account in any web browser before starting this process, and not use any email address used previously with TIDAL/Qobuz.

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Hello Damien ! Many thanks for detailded description of procedure. Ok, in the moment i purchase mi Audirvana, i follow step by step your instrctions. Many thanks again ! Have a nice day !
Corrado, Italy.

Hi, is this trial valid in Canada?
Everytime I try to create an account, I get an error (when choosing credit card) or a neverending loading (when choosing Paypal).

Hello @Baraizumi, can you send us a screenshot of the error you encounter at support@audirvana.com?

Hello, I’m sorry, I just realized I meant Tidal and not Qobuz (which is not available here in Canada).
However, I couldn’t get the 3 month trial on that service either so I will try and reach you through support.