Qobuz Artist Info Page & Favorites Filter

Please consider changing the artist info page to be organized like the Qobuz app is currently, with Albums, EPs & Singles, Live, and Other.

A new single was released from Porcupine Tree on Qobuz today, and I wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t already know it was coming. I had to search for it by name in Audirvana to add it to my favorites.

Also, please consider adding a real-time text filter on all favorites pages. When, like me, you favorite a lot of tracks, albums, artists, scrolling the list can take a minute. If there was a real-time text filter, I could just type “porc” and get to the artist, album, or tracks I wanted to see.

I see the Discography changes in the latest version. NICE!

Now, please consider my second request regarding a real-time filter on certain screens / pages. Thanks!