Qobuz Compilations Bug in iOS Remote

I am running the latest version of Remote on iOS and I am not able to select any Compilations listed under an artist in Qobuz. The album will highlight for a second, but nothing else happens.

Other than this issue, the app is working normally. I can select these “Compilations” within on my PC where Audirvana is hosted, although the section is called “Appears On” there.

Anyone else having this issue?

Sorry, I am bumping my own issue. I have updated everything, reinstalled the IOS app, on iPhone 8+ lOS 13.3, and the Windows 10 version 3.5.6 of A+ and I still can’t access ‘Compilations’ via the Remote app. Other iPhones in our household all have the same issue. Any suggestions?

Hello @nossus, can you give us an example of an artist in qobuz that have this issue?

Thanks for replying, Damien.

I find it happens with any artist that has Compilations listed under in their Artist page. Examples of artists where I observed this recently would be Charles Lloyd and Bela Fleck.

Can you send a screenshot of your screen while trying to access to it?

Hello @nossus, thank you for the screenshot, we will make a fix about this issue in a future update of the iOS remote.

Thanks, Damien! I appreciate your attention to this.