Qobuz->Connected->Favorites->Artists KO

Using 3.5.19 vesion on Mac , the selection of Qobuz->Connected->Favorites->Artists (or Tracks) does not show all the Artists (or all the Tracks) : I have around 350 Quobuz Favorites albums (around 300 Artists) and it shows only 4 Artists (and 8 Tracks) !!!

Similar problem here, only in my case I’m getting “Favorites” and “Playlists” but not “Discover” and “Qobuz Taste”.
This on Audirvana for Mac, updated to latest version (3.5.22).

Is there a chance these bad displays could be corrected any day soon ?

Ce bug est également présent sur l’application Qobuz sur Mac . Problème sur les APIs Qobuz ?

I exchanged directly with Qobuz (I discovered the problem is present in the Qobuz App also) : they told me that the sections Albums, Artists & Tracks are independent . It means that if you set as a favorite an album from a given artist (that will appear in the Album section) , then you will NOT find this artist defined automatically as a favorite in the Artists section . You have to set the artist as favorite manually if you want to do so.
So the problem I described is not a bug because it works as designed, even if it is counter intuitive to my opinion.