Qobuz cuts its subscription fee

Good news for the streamers.
The entry of Apple Music in the game tears down the prices.

Qobuz lowered today its subscription fee.
Studio Premier passes from €19,99 to €14,99 per month. For an annual subscription, its passes from €14,99 to €12,50 per month. Studio Sublime passes from €249 to €199 per year.

Still too expensive, IMO, because Apple Music costs only €9,99 per month.
Apple Music will attack soon the expensive streamers on the front of classical music, after it purchased Primephonic a few days ago.


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Yeah, I’ve received an e-mail yesterday from Qobuz. I’m expecting Tidal to lower their prices as well, although their basic premium is already the same price as Apple Music. Hi-res is still twice as expensive.

What do they offer for their basic premium subscription?

320k AAC. So basically similar to what Spotify still offers.

Roon’s subscription is already more expensive than the price of Apple’s Hi Res streaming service, which is a paradoxe. We should expect it to cut its price as well.

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Apple is really pushing it now. The rest have to follow it seems.

I pay US$120.00 for Tidal (Best Buy), $130 for Qobuz, and $120 for Apple Music (free from Verizon).

It’s a lot of money.

As a subscriber, you should get a new offer from Qobuz that will allow you to enjoy the now pricing. That’s what was reported in France.

$130 is the new Qobuz price. It was US$150.

It’s not really a lot of money. Only $250 per year out-of-pocket, or $20.83 per month. I dropped all my movie channels and Netflix. Music is my only vice.

Roon and Audirvana 3.5 are paid for. Apple Music is free. Audirvana Studio will probably be dropped at end of year one, just because I don’t need 4 music programs.

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In addition, Apple announced that it is preparing a new player that will be released early next year.
It will have tagging, navigation features, bios and critical reviews that will be especially tailored for classical music.

I get it for free with Amazon Prime, but never listen to it.

Tidal is way more expensive compared to Qobuz. Qobuz now offers high-res up to 192 kHz for €12,50 per month. Tidal still charges €20. I’ve tried both for a bit to compare them. But decided to drop Tidal. So I’m now streaming Qobuz and Apple Music.

I see. Well it definately needs an improvement on Windows. iTunes doesn’t support high res Apple Music. And Apple still hasn’t created a new app for Windows ever since Apple Music arrived for Mac, iOS and Android.

I use Roon at home. The purpose of having other music programs for me is for away from home using Verizon cellular data. The beauty of Apple Music is I can stream with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Mini 4, or iPad 8th generation without using Verizon hotspot data. I use regular unlimited cellular data and USB to Meridian Prime or Dragonfly Cobalt.

You have all you need, from streaming services to players and devices.

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Including my wife’s iPhone X, I have 105GB of Verizon hotspot data. I only use that much every other month at my 98 year old mother-in-law’s house for 2 weeks at a time. For an extra $10, I can bump that to 120GB if needed.

Thanks for posting this @Doudou. I already had the yearly Qobuz subscription which started in February. Cost me £149 back then, I’ve just taken out a new yearly subscription and got a large pro rata reduction - eg only cost me £46 rather than £129.

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How did you do that? When I go to my account page Qobuz warns me that I will have 2 subs instead of changing my active 1.

If you use the chat service. I said to the girl I had the yearly service and she provided a link which gave me the prorata amount

Well I’ve dropped a request in the contact us option. So let’s see what kind of answer I’ll get :smiley: