Qobuz Favorites work, but not for Artists (PC Version)

Hi Qobuz works well on PC, but Favorite Artists dont show up. Page is blank. I have flagged many Artists as a favorite by clicking heart. Is this is a known issue or bug?

Hello @jt25741, do you mean you don’t have any artist here when you like an artist in Qobuz?

When I like an artist in audirvana for qobuz service…it doesn’t appear in audirvana. In fact artists is always empty. Can you check pc version for bug.

Hello @jt25741, I could reproduce this issue on my side, this will be fixed in the next update of Audirvana for Windows 10.

Thank you, appreciate the effort.

Same Problem here. When I log into Qobuz…the artists I favorite are showing up there so functionality in that direction. However blank display on the Audirvana side. I am able to select, but only see if I log into qobuz application.

Hello @Paul_Collie and @jt25741 we made an update of Audirvana for Windows 10 earlier this morning that fix this issue.