Qobuz integration doesnt work

Hi I try to connect to Qobuz but it says:

Error login in

Username and password are correct.


I’ve had this message a few times. My experience is that 1. Qobuz is temporarily offline, 2. network issue, or 3. the problem is resolved by restarting Audirvana and possibly doing a restart of the computer. My experience is that Audirvana can “get lost” once in a great while and require a restart (of the software, that is).

My first post!

I am getting this same message. I think Qobuz computer app. just isn’t very good. I can’t even get the Qobuz app to play a song on my PC without quitting a minute into any song. Their support is not much help. Very frustrating. Works great on my Android though USB Audio Player Pro and an audioquest Dragonfly.

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