Qobuz library is a total mess

hi there,

im using audirvana studio 1.1.0 on a macbook pro 2014 and i see some of my albums twice in my library. Only Using Qobuz as a source for my music.

when closing audirvana studio and open it again -> it changes which albums are displayed twice. -> other albums now displayed twice.
disconnected qobuz and reconnected qobuz. Nothing happened.

deinstalled audirvana. Same problem again. seems if qobuz integrated in audirvana in a bad way…

EDIT 3 (im really close to sign up to roon):
album covers are partly wrong and reversed with other albums.

AND THIS IS WORST: there are albums missing in my library in audirvana. I checked it on qobuz and some albums showing up on qobuz, not showing up in audirvana. But it says 199 albums in qobuz and 199 albums in audirvana.

-> Seems like some albums (which appear twice) are completly reversed with these one missing. Its a total mess.

Also: Artists are not showing up in “my music” -> “artists”.


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