Qobuz Limited to 30 Seconds per Track

Why are my Qobuz favorites all limited (suddenly) to only a 30 second sample? I am fully subscribed to audirvana and Q

This is not an Audirvana problem. Check wiith Qobuz next week if everything with your Qobuz account it’s ok. This is related usually to: 1.no active Qobuz subscription 2.copyright restrictions. But if really all your favs are affected (I asume you have many) can’t be case 2. My Qobuz (UK) works ok.


Thanks - May I ask a second Q? What is Aurdirvana “Studio”? (I have been running the classic version for some time - I was just charged $ for Studio, why?

You could test with the Qobuz app if that account works.

In Audirvana log out the Qobuz account once and log in again. What does the account of Qobuz say in the streaming settings?

Is it the correct account? I have already seen several people who are logged in with a temporary Qobuz account and suddenly had a problem with Audirvana after the end of the trial period.

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Audirvana studio or Qobuz studio?

Or did you accidentally subscribe to Audirvana studio with one or three months of use of Qobuz? When the three months are over, you have to start paying for Qobuz.

If you still have a V3.5 or older from Audirvana, you do not have to pay any recurring costs for it.

Audirvana studio is the latest version of Audirvana. There is a monthly/yearly subscription for use.


Wow @Jacob. Very impressive. You are a very good helper. Detailed and correct. You deserve to work for Audirvana Customer Support.

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OK so one must pay an additional fee to get Studio… I must ell you the website is not clear on what the benefits of Studio are and why one should pay (again) just to get Studio

It’s supposed to be a better player than the free native one. That’s why you might want to consider it.

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Thank you all

You don’t have to use studio. As long as the older version you have now works well and you don’t want more functionality then there is no need to use Studio.

But studio is the version that is being further developed and new functionalities are added.

At my.Audirvana.com you can check the status of your current Audirvana account. If you’ve already paid for a year, I expect around $70, you might want to try the studio version.

At Qobuz.com you can check the status of your Qobuz subscription.
Qobuz studio has to be paid when you want to listen to music. Otherwise you can only listen for 30 sec per track. (In some cases, that’s really long enough.)

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