Qobuz login: clarification

Hello to everybody there!
A simple question regarding Qobuz authentication/login in Audirvana. Correct me if I am mistaken: there are three ways to login into Qobuz via Audirvana, the first is to subscribe to the service via Audirvana (and redeeming the voucher?); the second is to subscribe directly via Qobuz’s website using a standard procedure (email and password) the third - only for Apple users - is to subscribe via Apple ID (or Google’s etc.). My question is: once I have subscribed via Apple ID, should I use the same credentials to have access to Qobuz via Audirvana or I must have a different set of credentials?
Many thanks for your help.

Hello @Steve,

Since Qobuz login for third party software is still with mail/password only, you should try with your Apple ID credentials, if it doesn’t work then you should switch to mail/password if you want to use Qobuz with Audirvana until Qobuz allows modern authentication with us.

Thanks Damien!
So the procedure should be this:

  1. create a Qobuz account using my Apple ID (or Google’s)
  2. try to login to Qobuz via Audirvana using the credentials already created.


  1. create a Qobuz account via Audirvana

BUT, in this latest case I suppose I will not be able to have access to Qobuz outside Audirvana, to use their iPad or iPhone apps, for example.

In sum, there is the the likelihood there must be the necessity to have TWO Qobuz accounts.



When you create your account via Audirvana, the account is created in Qobuz website, it will create an account in Qobuz and you will be able to use on any device you want.

OK! That’s clear.
Many thanks.

Two Further questions:

  1. is it possible to subscribe via Audirvana without redeeming the voucher?

if not,

  1. once subscribed via Audirvana and passed the three-month trial, is it possible to renew to the less expensive Sudio Premier subscription?



I this case you don’t have to subscribe via Audirvana, you need to go on Qobuz website and subscribe normally.

You can change it as it’s a classic Qobuz subscription, you can manage it on your Qobuz profile.

OK many thanks Damien. :slight_smile:

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